No one wants to hurt people, those working for them or the general public. Hurting people is wrong!  Hurting people also disrupts production and opens the company to claims for compensation. In some cases, the directors are held personally responsible and can go to prison.

SHEQ and Beyond documents and installs Health and Safety Systems to the OHSAS 18001 International Standard, or any other Health and Safety standard, for example NOSA.

We can:

  • assist with writing a policy  (a policy is a promise about how you will guard Health and Safety).
  • write a procedure on conducting a ‘Hazard and Risk Assessment’. Where required we will lead this assessment.
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  • write a Corrective and Preventative Action procedure and help to implement the management thereof.

The steps above are the key steps to any Health and Safety management system. SHEQ and Beyond will write the other procedures required to meet the International Standard for customers wanting listing to OHASAS 18001 or some other Standards.  We also provide training to allow you to run your own management system.

A step in a Health and Safety management system is to understand what the law requires the company to do. This requires a legal audit by a legal practitioner. This legal audit should be done early in the process of establishing the Health and Safety System. We can put you in touch with the right Legal Practitioner if necessary.

We can also conduct :-

  • internal audits to measure progress; or
  • train internal auditors.
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