The laws controlling the environment are many and complex. The penalties for breaking these laws are horrendous, but pale in significance compared to the clean-up costs often involved in an environmental incident.

Implementing an Environmental Management System helps you to manage the risks involved and to demonstrate that you took reasonable care if an incident occurs. “Reasonable care” does not absolve you from liability, but would be a mitigating factor.

SHEQ and Beyond documents and installs Environmental Systems to the ISO 14001 International Standard.

We can:

  • assist with writing a policy  (a policy is a promise about how you will guard the Environment).
  • write a procedure on conducting an Aspects and Impacts assessment. Where required we will lead this assessment.
  • write a Corrective and Preventative Action procedure and help to implement the management system.

The steps above are the key steps to any Environmental management system. SHEQ and Beyond will write the other procedures required to meet the International Standard and provide training to allow the client to run their own management system.


A step in an Environmental Management System is to understand what the law requires the company to do. This requires a legal audit by a legal practitioner. This legal audit should be done early in the process of establishing the Environmental System. We can put you in touch with the right Legal Practitioner if necessary.


When considering the cost of an environmental system, compare this to the cost of not having a system. Here is an example of a company in the newspaper article that did not have a system (click your tools button to rotate the page accordingly) :

Company guilty of dumping waste