Here is a story of a good buying experience.

I have a low pressure geyser and so I have a header tank in my roof. This galvanised tank is now over fifty years old and is starting to leak. I need to replace it.

I phoned Polydrum. The entire buying experience was positive. Here is a list of what they got right:

A very nice voice answered their switchboard. She listened to me query and said, “I’ll put you through to Louis”.

The phone rang and eventually went back to the switchboard. She said, “I’m terribly sorry, I’ll try another number”.

So far the unspoken message to me was, “We would like to help.”

Louis answered. “Yes, they sell drums.” He gave me a price and organised a pro-forma invoice so I could pay by EFT. He also told me that they were short of drums, but “He would make a plan for me.” We discussed it and found that I did not have a colour preference. This solved the supply problem.

Here the unspoken message was that we treat our customers as people and try to help them.

I paid by EFT. The bank did not recognise their account name. I phoned them. The same nice switchboard receptionist listened to my problem and said, “I’ll put you through to accounts. I’m sure they can help you.”

The lady in accounts very carefully worked with me until we discovered that the account name must be stated without the (Pty) Ltd. Again the unspoken message was, “I want to help”.

I collected the drum. The security guard directed me to reception and walked over to see that I got to the right place. He was both cheerful and efficient.

The receptionist got up and took my documents into the back. She came back and offered me a seat.

Louis collected me, directed me to dispatch and generally took as much trouble over me as he would have for a large order.

The dispatch person helped me load the drum and apologised for the time it took to get the invoice.

Quality is a mind-set. It is not primarily a set of techniques. The techniques help staff improve the customer experience, but cannot install a caring attitude. The caring attitude comes from the top. I suspect that someone senior actually cares about people.

Well done Polydrum!

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